Quality Certificates


Every certification received is an impulse to our daily effort, a tool to keep improving our competitiveness inside and outside the clinic. It involves solvent and prestigious documents that stem from professional normalization organisms , being those international, european or local. Opting for any of those, with their different requirements and regularities , ends up turning into the improvement of the processes of our organization.
There are plenty of reasons nowadays to be encouraged to opt for certifications and being able to say with conviction we are putting all our efforts to do everything in the best possible way and ensuring that the effort gets rewarded.
A certification granted by such a widely known entity is a true passport that enables access to domestic and international markets. Moreover, it occasionally is a condition for a growing number of  contests or to, for instance,  becoming  a supplier or customer to an endless number of companies.
ISO 9001 Quality management system.
The Company Certificate and The Quality Certificates are keys that stimulate the status of the organizations and enable the concerned parties to be informed that the quality and transparency standards are being properly followed in every single process. It’s an indispensable instrument to provide security and trustworthiness to the users and markets. Key aspects to thriving and, at the same time, achieving a bigger confidence from our patients and suppliers.
ISO 9001 makes you great
The ISO 9001 Standard is the most used model in the national and international relations client/supplier. It is the universal language in this kind of exchange across plenty of sectors and it’s specially relevant when it comes to SMEs seeing that it allows us to show our potential to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
Our commitment:
Protecting health, the quality of the services provided, the safety and integrity of our patients with the utmost excellence.
UNE 179001 Standard: Dental services quality.
The certification for dental clinics is a tool to optimize and increase the protection of the health and the integrity of the patients.
The UNE 179001 Standard of quality among the dental centers and services dictates the requirements to be met by the dental clinics in order to improve the quality of the service given. It has been created under the leadership of the Official Colleges of Odontologists and Stomatologists. This Standard determines the quality requirements of a dental clinic, including aspects related to the clinic organization, the equipment and facilities, the information and qualification of the professionals  working in it, or even certain processes directly related to the healthcare.
By obtaining the certification AENOR Dental Clinics, the centers and clinics can identify and distinguish themselves as places where an outstanding dental service that offers security guarantees, in terms of what healthcare of the patient means, is being provided. Furthermore, it implies that all our suppliers meet the required quality standards : labs, prosthesis, products (expendable and non-expendable), as well as the guarantee of a solid data protection policy, prevention of occupational hazards, waste management, traceability in all medical and sterilization processes and the facility quality compliance.
But, What kind of benefits does the UNE 179001 bring us as patients?
The UNE179001 pretends to…
-Improve the quality of the service given to patients, optimize and increase their healthcare.
-Differentiate centers that adopt and certify this Standard.
-To provide patients with a guarantee of quality of the service given.
-Professional recognition of the dentists who work in the center and recognition of the dental clinic itself.
Aspects regulated by the Standard UNE 179001:
-The establishment of the responsibilities of the dental center.
-Structure and number of professionals, qualifications and training.
-Requirements of the center (facilities, equipment).
-Information and communication with patients.
-Security for patients and health staff.
-Clinical processes.
Guarantees of the UNE 179001 Standard
Compliance with the requirements described in the Standard guarantees the provision of a quality dental service by:
-Optimize and increase the healthcare of the patients.
-Make it easier for patients to choose dental services.
-Enhance professional recognition of dentists in society.
-Help dentists to develop, manage and provide quality services.
Requirements of the UNE 179001 Standard
Dental Center Management:
– Responsibilities
– Commitment to quality
-Human Resources
Requirements of the Dental Center:
– Facilities for patients
– Equipment of the dental services
Communication with the client:
– Advertisement
– Manage appointments and customers welcoming
– Estimates and invoices.
– Customer service.
Safety for customers and healthcare personnel:
– Microbiological, chemical and radiological Safety Plan.
– Occupational risk prevention plan.
– Data protection security plan.
– Emergency protocol.
Clinical processes, clinical history and patient monitoring.
Patients and patient’s families Rights.
Commitment with society.