At Dentalnova, we use the Invisalign® system, which allows us to forget the devices. The system is characterized as a great comfort treatment and suitable for most people.


Dentalnova surgical interventions can be of various types. Extraction of a tooth, remodeling of the bone or gingiva, placement of implants, elimination of cysts, etc.


It is the treatment to eliminate the remains (vital or not) of the nervous and blood vessels inside the tooth. All teeth have a cavity in their interior called the pulp chamber.

Pediatric Dentistry

Minors need to be attended by a pediatric dentist, who is the specialist in charge of providing dental treatment for children from birth to 14/15 years of age.


We know by periodontics that area of ??dentistry that deals with the gums and the supporting tissue of the tooth. A large part of the population suffers gum problems to a different degree.

General Odontology

The seals are also known as ``fillings``. It is one of the most common treatments in the dentist's office. Its function is to restore the lost tooth. Dental caries or trauma ...

Dental Aesthetics

The smile reveals itself as an aesthetic aspect that vitally affects our personal image, our state of mind and our confidence in ourselves. Composite Veneers, Porcelain, Bleaching.


The prosthesis is an artificial element intended to restore the absence of one or more teeth. There are several types and materials. We will advise you and inform you of the most appropriate option for your case.

Oral Hygiene

Professional oral hygiene consists of a procedure performed by the hygienist, or sometimes by the dentist, to remove tartar and blemishes from the visible area of ??the teeth.

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