General Odontology


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Dental Fillings and Reconstructions (Fillings)

The seals also known as “fillings”. It is one of the most common treatments at the dentist’s office. Its function is to restore lost tooth. In most cases, the tooth is affected by decay, and to a lesser degree by fractures due to trauma.

Once the cavities have been eliminated, we will fill the cavity resulting from the removal of the damaged tooth with artificial material (composite). We will place layer by layer until the tooth is the original shape. Finally, we will polish it and make sure that the contact with the neighboring teeth is adequate.

Dental Inlays

There are cases in which the degree of involvement of a tooth by caries or trauma is greater and can not be restored with composites layer by layer. If the tooth retains any of its walls, we proceed to perform an Incrustation. We define incrustation, like that artificial piece corresponding to the shape of the entire part of the tooth that we lack.

For the design of the piece, we take as reference the shape of the tooth free of caries, scanning it for later shipment to a laboratory in which to manufacture the piece. Once received, we quote the patient for its subsequent placement, gluing and polishing. Finally we will check that the contact with the neighboring teeth is adequate.

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