It is the treatment designed to eliminate the remains (vital or not) of nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth. All the teeth have a cavity in their interior called the pulp chamber. The tissue inside, called pulp, contains the nerves that give sensitivity to the tooth, blood vessels that provide nutrients and oxygen and other elements (cells, fibers, etc.) It is necessary to endodontics of a tooth when the nerve inside It is inflamed or infected, either by caries or by the influence of external inflammation.

Advantages of Endodontics

  • It allows us to avoid the extraction of a natural tooth.
  • Thanks to endodontics we can eliminate tooth extractions and consequences such as phlegmon, health problems of other areas of the body. When infections are eliminated, the halitosis associated with them is eliminated.
  • It avoids the loss of the bone that supports the tooth.
  • Avoid more expensive dental treatments.

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