Dentalnova surgical interventions can be of several types. An extraction of a tooth, remodeling of bone or gum, placement of implants, elimination of cysts, etc. The important thing in any surgery is to know the human team (the trust and transparency granted by a surgeon with name and surname), asepsis (absolute cleanliness of all material and facilities). In Dentalnova you will obtain all this and you will have an adequate follow-up the days after any surgery. Our surgeries are synonymous with safety, quality and confidence.

Dental implants

Its purpose is to replace a lost tooth. It is an artificial substitute for the root of a tooth that will support dental crowns. The possible loss of one or several dental pieces causes alterations in the masticatory function, malposition of the teeth and favors the appearance of collateral problems.


  • They are the best solution whether you are missing one, several or all the teeth in your mouth.
  • Manufactured in titanium, a biocompatible material, which allows a correct integration to the bone and prevents rejection by the human body.
  • Maximum stability because they are anchored to the bone.
  • Durability throughout the years. With proper care, proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your revisions, implants are a lasting solution.
  • The placement is made by a quick procedure, minimally invasive and with hardly any discomfort.
  • Does not affect adjacent teeth (unlike bridges or removable prostheses).
  • The success rate is close to 100%.
  • They preserve the bone as it stimulates it and prevents its long-term loss.
  • Comfort. In a few days you will forget about the implant and you will not notice that you are wearing it.


The emergence of implant technology and the study and research of implantology has led to the possibility of treatment, providing new pillars for the prosthesis and giving the possibility of fixed prostheses to patients with total or partial absence of teeth.

According to the situation, we talk about:

Prostheses on single implants, in the case of restoring only one tooth. The crown (artificial tooth) will be supported on the implant.

Implant-supported bridge, in case of restoring several teeth. It does not imply placing an implant per tooth to be replaced, for example, if three adjacent teeth are missing, two implants and three crowns can be placed.

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