Pediatric Dentistry


Minors need to be cared for by a pediatric dentist, who is the specialist responsible for providing dental treatment for children from birth to approximately 14/15 years of age. A pediatric dentist not only knows exhaustively treatments according to the level of adequacy in relation to growing patients, but, above all, is trained to manage the behavior of the smallest. This is the capital issue that we wish to highlight. The behavioral management of the youngest children is the key to success in their oral treatment.

Zero Caries Initiative

From the Dentalnova dental and aesthetic health center, we recommend the first visit to the Orthodontist at 4 years of age. On many occasions, nothing should be treated. In others we simply inform parents about certain habits or problems that may affect the development of the jaws, such as mouth breathing, atypical swallowing, etc.

The importance of milk teeth

Temporary dentition appears at 6-12 months of age and the process ends at 24-36 months. The maintenance of these teeth, until they fall naturally, is fundamental for a correct development of the face in its completeness.

Temporary healthy teeth allow the functions of chewing and phonation, very important in the growing pediatric patient. The milk teeth also have the important task of saving space for the final tooth that will take its place.

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