We are an oral and aesthetic health center with 35 years of experience, a pioneer in the latest treatments of implantology and orthodontics. We have a large team of professionals as well as state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to offer our patients the most accurate diagnoses and the most innovative treatments.

Lead Center

We are a leaders of Oral Health in Ourense and in the north of Portugal.

Professional Team

We have an unbeatable team of professionals specialized in all branches of dentistry.

First Check Free

From the beginning, we analyze your case with a complete diagnosis at no cost.

Premium Services

We offer a wide range of specialized dental and pioneer treatments.

Advanced Technology

We put at your disposal innovative and avant-garde technology supplied by the best brands.

Social Commitment

We help the investigation and the improvement of our community.

What we do ?

At Dentalnova we offer our patients all our experience and knowledge. We use a workflow based on the effectiveness of the treatments along with a service experience based on safety and comfort. Our method is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Detailed case study
  • Adjustment and application of our treatments
  • Case tracking and follow-up

1. Our Mision

Improve the oral and aesthetic health of our patients.

2. Our objectives

  • To be a reference clinic not only in Galicia, but also in the north of Portugal
  • Application of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based on the research and development of new treatments and technologies for oral and aesthetic health
  • Development of a methodology of premium services that guarantee patient satisfaction and comfort.

3. Profesionals

At the Dentalnova oral health and aesthetic center we work with a large team of professionals dedicated to patient care: doctors, dentists, hygienists, orthodontists, administration…

4. Quality politics

DENTALNOVA HEALTH bases its commitment on three basic pillars:

Guarantee, optimize safety and minimize the risks of our patients, in the broadest sense.
Achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for patients, insurers, collaborators, staff and shareholders, and maintain an adequate relationship from a business and ethical point of view with other interest groups, including society.
Guarantee the performance of activities and project developments aligned with the Quality, Patient Safety, Environment and Health and Safety Policies.

The objective is the constant improvement of quality in all our processes, both healthcare and support. To do this we commit to:

  • Measure, detect and correct our errors and risks, preventing their appearance, to obtain a level of excellence in our work.
  • Report any problems we detect, suggesting and applying improvements.
  • Promote safety culture and improve staff knowledge of risk management
  • Facilitate anonymous reporting of incidents within the Group.
  • Comply with current legislation and regulations, especially with regard to safety, confidentiality, and the rights of our patients, as well as those related to the environment and safety and health at work.
  • Implement physical and human means to create an environment that fosters, encourages and facilitates the best practice of medicine, nursing and all professions that are developed in hospitals.
  • Also pay preferential attention to the incorporation of all new technological processes that can improve the diagnosis and treatment of our patients and reduce the risks inherent to the process.

At Dentalnova we take your health seriously

At Dentalnova we offer a space of security and comfort. We have the latest technological advances in oral health and aesthetics, along with highly qualified staff.

Pide Cita

Our team

Dr. Justo
Dr. A. Justo García
Director Médico | Nº C. 32000441

Lcdo. en Medicina y Cirugía por la USC
Lcdo. en odontología por la UNIBE
Master internacional de implantología y periodoncia por la U. de París VII

María Jesús Vizoso
Mª Jesus Villar Vizoso
Gestión y RRHH

Dra. Jeimy Castro Bravo
Endodoncista | Nº C. 32001116

Lda. en Odontología por la USC
Especialista en endodoncia y estética

Raquel Ayuso Sampaio
Higienista | Nº C. 1397

Dra. Rosa María Lamas Estévez
Odontopediatra y Ortodoncia | Nº C. 15001756

Licenciada en Odontología por la USC
Especialista en Odontopediatría
Master en Ortodoncia y Ortopedia

Dra. Carlota Blanco Reboredo
Periodoncista | NºC. 32001446

Lcda. en Odontología
Master en periodoncia aplicada a la implantología

Dr. Pedro A. Moreno Carrera
Implantólogo y Cirujano oral | NºC. 36001714

Lcdo. en Odontología
Master en Cirugía Oral, implantología y periodoncia

S. Dos Reis Dos Anjos
Higienista | Nº C. 734

Diplomada en Nutrición Humana y Dietética
Técnico Superior en Higiene Bucodental

Montserrat Pousada Cuadrado
Atención al paciente

Técnico superior de radioterapia y Reanimación cardiopulmonar

Rodrigo Fernández Calvino
Higienista | Nº C. 910

Dra. Mariela Oío
Ortodoncista y Armonizadora facial

Andrea Fraguas Fernández
Responsable del Gabinete de Prostodoncia y ATM

Cristina Fernández Blanco
Coordinadora de tratamientos

Yolanda Vázquez González
Recepción y contabilidad